70+ Years of Experience

Medike Landes International is a leading manufacturer of labels and trims for the fashion & apparel industries. We are best known for crafting the back-patch on your favorite denim jeans. Each season, we work alongside leading designers to help craft thought-provoking trims for various garments in your wardrobe.

Our company is also proud to manufacture high-quality leather goods, including belts, bags, and pet accessories. Headquartered north of Toronto, Ontario, our Markdale facility is one of six global production sites.

Decades ago, the Medike and Landes company’s were focused primarily on the workwear industry. Over time, sales largely shifted to leading fashion brands in major markets across the globe. Medike Landes’s 70 years of combined production experience is a testament to the relentless energy and passion of both our customers and employees.

We look forward to bringing your next project to life!

Jonathan Harris, President
Medike Landes International Inc

Isny Im Allgau, Germany, Production Facility (1980's)
Markdale, ON, Canada Production Facility (1980's)

After working for a large Jeans Manufacturer in Ontario, a Canadian Entrepreneur decided it was time to give leather patches a go. In the early days of business, the Medike specialized in Workwear trims, offering only 3-4 different types of leather.

As sales grew Medike shifted more of its resources to serve fashion brands which were looking to accessorize their garments. The company’s leadership saw sales growth and increased volume as an opportunity to expand.

Production facility and distribution centre opens in Kowloon, Hong Kong to better serve garment contractors in Asia.

Company founder sells 25 year old family run business based to new family with intentions of growing and expanding internationally. 

In the small town of Isny Im Allgau, Hans Landes began putting his design background to use by launching his own company which produced hair clips, watch bands and industrial leather finger protectors.

Hans Landes saw the potential for designing and producing fashion trims, bands, and belts. The company began to serve more and more European customers.

Three of Hans Landes’ children move to Granby, Quebec to start Landes Canada.

Medike Branding Solutions, Inc. (“Medike” or the “Company”) acquires Landes Holding GmbH (“Landes”), a portfolio company of VR Equitypartner GmbH.

To fully represent long-standing history in production of patches, belts, and leather goods, the company rebrands under Medike Landes. A nod to both companies with over 70 years of combined producton experience.

Medike and Landes’s distribution facilities merge into one facility in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Our Global Reach

Isny, Germany (1949)

Kowloon, Hong Kong (2004)

Aguascalientes, Mexico (2013)

Granby, Quebec (1973)

Dhaka, Bangladesh (2018)